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Company Overview

A subsidiary of Econet Global, Liquid Telecom is the leading independent data, voice and IP provider in eastern, central and southern Africa. It supplies fibre optic, satellite and international carrier services to Africa's largest mobile network operators, ISPs and businesses of all sizes. It also provides payment solutions to financial institutions and retailers, as well as award winning data storage and communication solutions to businesses across Africa and beyond. Put simply, we connect people.
We started out by questioning the way things are done and being single-minded in our determination to improve them. Everything we do is driven by a simple yet powerful belief that everyone in Africa has the right to be connected. Over the last decade, this vision has helped us change the face of communications in the region.
Our future-focused approach to new product development makes our services enduringly adaptable.
€œWe have to focus on services of the future and new revenue streams not as a side show to infrastructure but as the main show leveraging off the infrastructure which we have.€ - Nic Rudnick
Our flexible and dynamic business model keeps us at the forefront of telecoms innovation. And by listening to customers, we ensure that our solutions are constantly evolving to meet their needs. In June 2017, Liquid Telecom raised $700m in a bond and term-loan issue that will help Liquid Telecom refinance debt and provide a war chest for further acquisitions.
Our Beliefs
At the very core of our business is our belief that every individual on the continent has the right to be connected. We believe that the power of Networks will create better and brighter lives for everyone.
We're for everyone - Being connected shouldn't just be for the privileged few. We believe it's for everyone and this was recognised at the AfricaCom Awards 2013 when we won an award for Best Cost Efficiency Solution. The sense of doing the right thing runs through every aspect of our business.
Integrity - Having integrity in everything we do has made us what we are today. We are all encouraged to play our part and take responsibility for doing things right €“ and doing the right thing.
Only The Best Will Do - We're constantly striving to deliver the best communications Networks to everyone €“ from the smallest communities to the biggest businesses in the region.
Don€™t Talk Do - We listen carefully to our customers, then we deliver beyond their expectations. This €˜can do' attitude is key to our success.
In It For The Long Run - We've invested heavily in our own network and Networks. We created the largest single fibre network in the region, which stretches over 18,000km across borders to connect people locally, nationally and internationally. We're not stopping there €“ we're continuing to invest so we can connect people all over Africa.
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Job Purpose:

To design and implement inventories, scripts, service flows, work flows and Application Programable Interfaces (API). Responsible for Intellectual property for the Technology team which includes MIS Systems, telecommunications software development, technical product development from concept to implementation, including the selection of appropriate platforms. Interacts with Products, Innovation and the I.T teams to develop detailed plans and design architecture of products implementation across verticals.

Minimum Requirements of Job

€¢ BSc / BEng Degree MIS or Software or Computer Sciences
€¢ 6-8 years of experience in a similar or related environment and 4 of which should be in Managerial position
€¢ 5 years in Software Development / MIS
€¢ 2-5 years of experience in Telecommunications (software development) will be an added advantage
€¢ 2-5 years of experience in any programming language with willingness to learn PHP, Python, Perl.
€¢ 2-5 years of experience in UNIX/LINUX operating systems.
€¢ 2-5 years of experience in development of web user interfaces.
€¢ 2-5 years In depth experience in€¢ Ability to identify, communicate and ensure implementation of the key strategies and objectives for the success of LTSA
€¢ Excellent verbal and written communication and ability to present complex situations
€¢ Ability to plan and organise 3 to 5 years ahead
€¢ Ability to analyse and solve complex problems to achieve the correct outcomes
€¢ Software architecture and design
€¢ Project management
€¢ Risk management, disaster recovery, business continuity
€¢ Customer service and response
€¢ LTSA Regional Operations
IT systems architecture and middle-ware


Key Outputs:

€¢ Ensures completion of all work flows across interactive API platforms.
€¢ Manages all API documentation and source codes.
€¢ Oversees internal and cross functional processes, workflows, systems designs, technology provisioning, implementation and operational management.
€¢ Defines the Architecture of existing and new systems.
€¢ Proposes relevant upgrade and software development task to improve process and work flow.
€¢ Defines the engineering, service delivery and assurance process flow and interaction to improve customer experience
€¢ Initiates (Request for proposal) RFP against the specifications as well as evaluates RFP responses and provide an evaluation report.
€¢ Conducts vendor lab test evaluations if required.
€¢ Develops user interfaces for various network centric back-end systems.
€¢ Manages End to end development of software scripts to meet requirements from operations to control and manage network elements
€¢ Involved in the development and maintenance of fair usage policy script to be deployed on policy engines.
€¢ Defines and develops northbound interfaces between network elements and the OSS/BSS, ensuring that all the required operations are exposed to enable Fault Configuration Accounting Performance Security (FCAPS) as per the defined business processes.
€¢ Evaluate current Network Monitoring Systems (NMS) and implement the strategy for consolidation.

Be responsible as the Principle in managing Managed Services partner:

€¢ Define KPI€™s and Service Level Agreements (SLA) for all vendors.
€¢ Manage reporting from vendors to ensure adherence to KPI€™s and act in case of breach and manage relationships.
€¢ Translate the Technology requirements to meet the business objectives.
€¢ Manages micro projects to implement system integration and digital Transformation.
€¢ Create implementation documentation for Technology and Service deployment.

Technical Product Introduction and Enhancements:

€¢ Conducts technical product development, from concept to implementation, including the selection of appropriate technologies.
€¢ Oversees the technical design of products based on Enterprise and Consumer Business Unit requirements, and provides ongoing design support for existing products
€¢ Develops the high-level architecture to meet the quality implementation of the overall network.
€¢ Assess technical requirements from Product Developers and New Product Introduction (NPI) process.
€¢ Provides feedback to NPI process in the form of NPI initial technical evaluation documentation.
€¢ Contributes to the Technical Product Documents (TPD) to fit product requirements, including sign off.
€¢ Provides the scope of work for technical introduction of the new product to the engineering team.
€¢ Trains internal staff on all technical templates / process for product implementation.
€¢ Provides support for complex customer solution design requiring changes or additions to Liquid SA€™s networks, in response to customer requirements from the Enterprise and Consumer Business Units.

Equity Statement:

In line with our company transformation policies, preference will be given to EE candidates.