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Company Overview

A subsidiary of Econet Global, Liquid Telecom is the leading independent data, voice and IP provider in eastern, central and southern Africa. It supplies fibre optic, satellite and international carrier services to Africa's largest mobile network operators, ISPs and businesses of all sizes. It also provides payment solutions to financial institutions and retailers, as well as award winning data storage and communication solutions to businesses across Africa and beyond. Put simply, we connect people.

We started out by questioning the way things are done and being single-minded in our determination to improve them. Everything we do is driven by a simple yet powerful belief that everyone in Africa has the right to be connected. Over the last decade, this vision has helped us change the face of communications in the region.

Our future-focused approach to new product development makes our services enduringly adaptable.

€œWe have to focus on services of the future and new revenue streams not as a side show to infrastructure but as the main show leveraging off the infrastructure which we have.€ - Nic Rudnick

Our flexible and dynamic business model keeps us at the forefront of telecoms innovation. And by listening to customers, we ensure that our solutions are constantly evolving to meet their needs. In June 2017, Liquid Telecom raised $700m in a bond and term-loan issue that will help Liquid Telecom refinance debt and provide a war chest for further acquisitions.

Our Beliefs

At the very core of our business is our belief that every individual on the continent has the right to be connected. We believe that the power of technology will create better and brighter lives for everyone.

We're for everyone - Being connected shouldn't just be for the privileged few. We believe it's for everyone and this was recognised at the AfricaCom Awards 2013 when we won an award for Best Cost Efficiency Solution. The sense of doing the right thing runs through every aspect of our business.

Integrity - Having integrity in everything we do has made us what we are today. We are all encouraged to play our part and take responsibility for doing things right €“ and doing the right thing.

Only The Best Will Do - We're constantly striving to deliver the best communications technology to everyone €“ from the smallest communities to the biggest businesses in the region.

Don€™t Talk Do - We listen carefully to our customers, then we deliver beyond their expectations. This €˜can do' attitude is key to our success.

In It For The Long Run - We've invested heavily in our own network and technology. We created the largest single fibre network in the region, which stretches over 18,000km across borders to connect people locally, nationally and internationally. We're not stopping there €“ we're continuing to invest so we can connect people all over Africa.

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Paterson Grade:




Job Purpose:

The primary objective of this role is to manage the end to end Customer Experience programme for Liquid Telecom and implement Customer Experience enhancement interventions, based on the analysis of Voice of the Customer Feedback that is collected from the entire Liquid Telecom Customer Base.

This role is also responsible for the management of the Customer Experience programme across 11 Liquid Telecom Group OPCO€™s, due to the non-replacement of the Group Liquid Telecom Customer Experience representative.

The key functions fulfilled by this role include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Facilitating the collection of Voice of the Customer feedback and NPS and CSAT scores
  • Ensure the distribution of Customer Experience Score card and customer feedback throughout the organisation
  • Facilitate the identification of the Root Cause of customer dissatisfaction and design and implement corrective actions with business
  • Match customer feedback to internal operational metrics
  • Identify gaps and drive the improvement of Customer Experience across all customer touchpoints
  • Ensure that the Customer Experience Program Governance forum is enforced
  • Design and update Customer Journey maps with business
  • Manage the relationship between Customer Experience Vendors (Bytes, Merchants, In2ITand Inquba)
      • Ensure monthly invoices are paid
      • Ensure requirements are delivered in accordance with what was contracted
      • Ensure SLA€™s are met
  • Manage the Standard Customer database update project with Merchants (vendor)
  • Manage the continuous Customer Service training and upskilling of In2IT Technical Support Desk agents
  • Mange the delivery of the Digital Transformation interventions, i.e. €“ Digital Customer Self Service Portal
  • Manage the Key Required Actions of the Billing and Credit note team

Manage the Bytes Social Media team and ensure the response to and actioning of customer service complaints that are published on both the Neotel and Liquid Telecom Social Media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter)

Minimum Requirements of Job

1.1 Qualifications

Formal Qualifications Required

Essential / Desirable

B.Degree Marketing required


A minimum of 7 years in the ICT sector of which 4 years must have been spent in the telco environment;


Previous experience within a customer experience department is preferable


Customer facing experience and dealing with customers at all levels is a requirement;


Report writing experience is required


Experience in dealing with cross-functional work groups. Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills,


as well as telephone etiquette;


Excellent listening skills;


1.2           Experience

Job Related Experience Required

Time Span

Essential / Desirable

Telecommunication and Business experience and must have experience in Customer Service/ Experience

A minimum 5 years within the ICT arena - 3 years must have been spent in a Customer Experience role


1.3 Knowledge Areas

Job Related Knowledge Required

Essential / Desirable

Excellent verbal and written communication skills


Strong Project Management and Organization skills


Must be Customer oriented, can absorb Customer needs and translate into actionable Business requirements


Good Report writing and presentation skill


Excellent understanding of the telecommunications customer value chain


Knowledge of the South African labour legislation


Experience in dealing with cross-functional work groups. Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills


Good Leadership and People Management skills


Able to perform under pressure


Good knowledge in OEM and Supplier Management.


1.4 Skills

Job Related Skills Required

Essential / Desirable

Excellent verbal and written communication and ability to present complex situations


Commercial acumen;


Demonstrate a successful record of accomplishing goals;


Ability to show patience, empathy and courtesy when working with people


Ability to analyse and creatively solve problems reaching a logical decision;


Ability to communicate and present complex situations clearly and logically


A sound knowledge of working with MS Office packages (Outlook, Excel, Visio)


Key Outputs:

1 - Key Performance AREA (Objective): Weight: 33.3%




Key Performance INDICATORS

Performance Standards/Targets


·     Feedback from Customers

o    Implement a program to collect customer feedback from multiple touch points and channels

o    Channels to include

§  Face to Face

§  NPS surveys

§  CSAT surveys and feedback

§  Call Center feedback

§  Churn feedback

§  Service credits feedback

§  Other

·     Input from Employees

o    Implement eNPS program with Liquid SA

o    Manage outputs from eNPS program into improvement initiatives within Liquid SA

·     Observational Research

o    Ensure inputs are obtained from external sources with South Africa and internationally.

·   Maintain a Voice of Customer Facility

o    Maintain a decision framework for front-line employees that serves as a guide for making out-of-process decisions in order to deliver on the target customer experience

o    Manage and drive continuous improvement in CE delivery by using metrics in learn-improve-learn cycle forcing low performance results to initiate a call to change

o    Design a publishable dashboard to share customer experiences metrics with employees across the company

o    Build out a virtual VoC facility monitor and report customer feedback, sentiment, and news in near real-time

o    Responsible for the design and question development of customer survey instruments across channels

·     Obtain a Cross-Channel Customer View

o    Implement a VOC program taking into account multiple channels and customer touch points

·     Document and Share

o    Design a publishable dashboard to share customer experiences metrics with employees across the company




2 - Key Performance AREA (Objective): Weight: 33.3%




Key Performance INDICATORS

Performance Standards/Targets


Customer Experience Measurement

·   Define a CE Quality Framework

§  Define and maintain a customer experience quality framework that aligns with how customers judge their experiences with the brand

§  Ensure alignment to industry and international standards

· Benchmark Across Industries

§  Determine international and national bodies to benchmark Liquid SA against

§  Ensure membership of the various bodies is maintained by Liquid SA

· Collect Operational Metrics

§  Leads and manages report generation and distribution to various stakeholders

§  Builds and maintains a dashboard for key Customer Experience metrics accessible for a variety of stakeholders

·   Define Subsets of CE Metrics

§  NPS utilized as current metric in Liquid SA. Determine subsets of metric based on customer lifecycle and customer journeys

§  Ensure mapping of NPS outputs to customer life cycle and customer journey points

§  Utilise CSAT as a measurement metric within Liquid SA

§  Determine utilization of any other industry accepted measurement metrics related to customer experience

·   Analyze CE Gaps

§  Determine gaps in CE based on customer lifecycle and customer touch points

§  Gaps are measured against aspirational CE metrics required by Liquid SA

§  Ensure CE gaps are utilized as inputs into the improvement initiatives

· Use Metrics in Learn-Improve-Learn Cycle

§  Ensure a close the loop attitude is adopted to all metrics within Liquid SA

§  Ensure gaps in metrics are utilized as inputs into the improvement initiatives

§  Track impact of improvement initiatives

· Share Metrics

§  Ensure metrics are communicated across the organization

§  Ensure wins are celebrated and correction actions are know and implemented

·         Calculate and Monitor the ROI

§  Design and Implement a ROI model to track, based on improvement initiatives

§  Ensure international best practices are adhered to in the ROI model

§  Ensure the ROI model is accepted and understood across all levels of the Organisation

§  Ensure the ROI model is implemented and tracked within the VOC system




3 - Key Performance AREA (Objective): Weight: 33.3%




Key Performance INDICATORS

Performance Standards/Targets


Customer Experience Design

·         Create CE Journeys by Channel

o    Document all customer journeys per product, channel and customer segment

o    Ensure communication of customer journeys across the Liquid Organisation

o    Ensure tracking of voice of the customer feedback against these customer journeys and identification of moments of truth, pain and pleasure points are identified

·         Engage Partners and Employees

o    Ensure Liquid€™s Partners and Employees are engaged for inputs into the customer experience design

·         Use Customer Insight to Define Project Requirements

o    Plan, execute, and track programs and campaigns to evaluate success

o    Create/manage consolidated dashboard for regular reporting on campaigns in progress

·         Identify Complex Interdependencies

o    Participate in requirements gathering and testing as needed (e.g., reporting, campaign management tool)

·         Follow Defined CE Impact Assessment Process

o    Ensure customer experience design is based upon improving key areas within the customer journeys to drive improved customer experience

·         Proactively Adjust Designs

o    Ensure a model is implemented that allows for continuous change as required

o    Ensure the Customer Experience Design is not a static model, but changes with the industry, country, customer, employees and other inputs

·         Engage and Encourage Customers

o    Ensure customers have inputs into the design of the required customer experience

o    Ensure the VOC is always considered with decisions around improvements and/or changes to processes

o    Ensure a feedback program is implemented with customers to track improvements against the customer experience they experience first-hand.




Key Decisions:

Decides on: Customer Experience Measurement Methodology and Metrics

Decides on: Which interventions to implement to improve Customer Experience

Decides on: Customer Experience Strategy



Accountable for:

Accountable for: Creating and maintaining Customer experience excellence

Accountable for: Ensuring organisational adoption of Customer Experience program

Accountable for: Customer retention and reducing chum

Equity Statement:

In line with our company transformation policies, preference will be given to EE candidates.