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Company Overview

A subsidiary of Econet Global, Liquid Telecom is the leading independent data, voice and IP provider in eastern, central and southern Africa. It supplies fibre optic, satellite and international carrier services to Africa's largest mobile network operators, ISPs and businesses of all sizes. It also provides payment solutions to financial institutions and retailers, as well as award winning data storage and communication solutions to businesses across Africa and beyond. Put simply, we connect people.
We started out by questioning the way things are done and being single-minded in our determination to improve them. Everything we do is driven by a simple yet powerful belief that everyone in Africa has the right to be connected. Over the last decade, this vision has helped us change the face of communications in the region.
Our future-focused approach to new product development makes our services enduringly adaptable.
€œWe have to focus on services of the future and new revenue streams not as a side show to infrastructure but as the main show leveraging off the infrastructure which we have.€ - Nic Rudnick
Our flexible and dynamic business model keeps us at the forefront of telecoms innovation. And by listening to customers, we ensure that our solutions are constantly evolving to meet their needs. In June 2017, Liquid Telecom raised $700m in a bond and term-loan issue that will help Liquid Telecom refinance debt and provide a war chest for further acquisitions.



Job Purpose:

Responsible for technical aspects of new build, expansion and major upgrade of Data Centres across the continent for Africa Data Centres, predominantly in South Africa. Responsible for engineering decisions, project design deliverables and acceptance of all major mechanical and electrical deployments completed for Africa Data Centres.
Responsible for updating and improving Design and Group Standards based on lessons learnt on previous projects and in order to comply to latest customer requirements and industry trends.
Accountable for design, compliance to local regulation and Group standards for all infrastructure serving the Data Centres. Involved during technical design phases for each project from inception to hand-over to Operations team. This includes oversight of professional engineering consultants and technical sign-off & acceptance of their deliverables.
Responsible for technical sign-off during all significant design, construction and commissioning activities for data centre infrastructure for hand-over to the operations team.
Provide technical support to the Project team, in house Sales teams and Operations teams as required.

Minimum Requirements of Job

€¢ Bachelor Degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering 
€¢ Professionally registered 
€¢ Certified Data Centre Professional
€¢ UTI Tier Designer 

Experience in Data Centre design & delivery 5 years - Desirable
Experience with M&E project design & delivery 5 years - Essential
Significant Data Centre commissioning and acceptance experience 5 years - Desirable
Experience in an operational mission critical environment 5 years - Essential
Working experience in occupational health and safety 5 years - Desirable

Knowledge Areas
€¢ In-depth knowledge of technical infrastructure requirements for mission critical facilities - Essential
€¢ Design knowledge in M&E equipment and infrastructure sizing - Essential
€¢ Knowledge of applicable South African legislation and regulations - Essential
€¢ Knowledge of the South African Data Centre industry and market.  Good understanding of technology, products and services offered - Desirable
€¢ Knowledge of data centre international trends and key performance metrics- Desirable
€¢ In-depth knowledge of Data Centre infrastructure, including MV / LV electrical systems, HVAC / cooling, security, fire systems, and BMS - Desirable

€¢ Strong technical ability
€¢ Ability to work alone or as part of a cross-functional team - Essential
€¢ Strong verbal and written communications skills
€¢ Good analytical thinking ability - Essential
€¢ Ability to work under pressure in a mission critical environment
€¢ Highly motivated and disciplined
€¢ Process-oriented and conscientious - Essential

Board/Professional Membership Required Essential - Desirable
Registered Professional Engineer -  Desirable



Key Outputs:

Data Centre Design Management
€¢ Accountable for data centre electrical and mechanical design
€¢ Accountable for data centre energy efficiency €“ ensure that design and controls are minimizing the energy consumption of the data centre
€¢ Responsible for professional team technical supervision and their deliverables for all data centre infrastructure projects
€¢ Responsible for ensuring safety by design principles are being followed during the design and construction process
€¢ Responsible for continuous technical support for the project delivery
€¢ Responsible for technical acceptance and sign off of all design documents on behalf project team
€¢ Responsible for design compliance to company latest standards
€¢ Accountable for design coordination between all trades

Data Centre Construction
€¢ Responsible for quality inspection on Mechanical and Electrical infrastructure
€¢ Responsible to list all defects and snags identified during construction and at project completion
€¢ Ensure that all defects and snags are fixed timeously
€¢ Responsible for construction compliance to (approved) design
€¢ Responsible for technical support to project team and contractors

Data Centre Commissioning and Testing
€¢ Review, comment and sign off all commissioning and testing protocols
€¢ Responsible to set and communicate the Commissioning and Testing standards to all parties involved in a project 
€¢ Witness and sign off all commissioning stages (from Level 1 to level 5)
€¢ Report regularly to Senior PM and project team on technical status of commissioning process
€¢ Review, comment and sign off commissioning/testing reports

Data Centre Technical handover to Operations
€¢ Prepare and coordinate all trainings for Operations team
€¢ Review, comment and sign off all training protocols
€¢ Attend to all training sessions with Operations team
€¢ Review, comment and sign off all Operations and maintenance manuals
€¢ Prepare handover process with Operations: ensure that all equipment, protocols, manuals are approved and in place prior to RFS date

Team player / Communication
€¢ Responsible for the delivery of effective communications between the operations, the project team and professional design team
€¢ Responsible for operations technical support
€¢ Responsible for customer technical support
€¢ Responsible for in house sales technical support

Decides on Data Centre Design and Specification
Decides on Data Centre Controls and Energy Management
Decides on Data Centre commissioning requirements
Decides on Quality acceptance for all Data Centre infrastructure works
Decides on technical acceptance and compliance for any technical document received from Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers

Accountable for:
Accountable for Data Centre Electrical and Mechanical Infrastructure Design
Accountable for Data Centre training and handover process to Operations
Accountable for Data Centre Infrastructure Acceptance following commissioning activities
Accountable for Supervision of design consultants and contractors during the design and construction project phases